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A sales lesson at the hardware store

09/22/2009 Leave a comment

I’m not much of an auto mechanic, but I still fiddle around with an ’01 Jeep Sahara that we use as a summer car. So I decide to replace some rusty door hinges on a Saturday afternoon. As will happen with these projects,  there’s trouble right away getting the old rusty bolts off before I can put the new ones on. Not wanting to bust them off and cause a bigger problem, it’s off to the Home Depot to find some penetrating oil. OK, so its a hike from the giant parking lot into the Big Box and then begins the mission of finding a small item in the acres of stock. After talking to two “Customer Service” folks, I’m still wandering around trying to find the stuff. 20 minutes later I find the PB Blaster (they say this is the best) in the tools department and then head off to the self checkout to battle the Bar Code Gods. Being somewhat impatient, I can only suck it up and admit that spending an hour to buy an $8.00 item is darned frustrating.

Back in the garage, I now find I need some silicone sealant behind the new hinges and I’m totally positive there is none of that around anywhere. Off to Home Depot again, right? Read more…