Live Streaming Event. NOT another Webinar!

By “Invitation Only” event for CEO’s, Presidents, Owners, Senior HR Executives and Top Level Managers.

We all hope that the worst is over yet we all know that it might not be. We have endured nearly two years of cutting, waiting, hoping and praying.  You have probably seen your share of the pain and don’t feel like there is enough new business in the pipeline to make up for the delays.  Even when the economy rebounds, it may not bounce back to the historic levels of spending that we witnessed before. So what can you do after the cutting?

Join CEO’s from around the world in this powerful, insightful, memorable and worthwhile event:


November 3, 2009
Streamed Live to Your Desktop from Bentley University
12 PM – 2PM EST


 After the Cutting … 

How Successful Companies Sell Their Way Back to the Top


With Dave Kurlan:  Best-selling author, top-rated speaker and internationally acclaimed business authority

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Use Discount code:    omg210

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Thousands of CEO’s have attended this program and this is your last chance to hear Dave live and in person in 2009. This provocative program will help put your company on the path to growing sales and profits despite the uncertain economy. 

Find out what other companies are doing to sell their way back and discover what you can do – at your company – right now – to get your revenue where you want it to be – now. You’ll learn:


  • If you have salespeople or account managers;
  • If your pipeline is for real or just a pipedream;
  • If you are using helpful sales tools or useless time wasters;
  • How selling has changed in the last year & whether your salespeople can adapt;
  • Sales management’s role in the recovery;
  • The five most important things you can do right now to boost sales
  • Why your salespeople are struggling right now;
  • What to do about delayed closings and lack of new business;
  • Much more…

Please join us on November 3rd and learn how you can use your sales force to beat the recession and dominate your market.

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