About Us

Sales Environment

With over 15 years in the discipline of sales force development, Growth Dynamics has the tools and talent to assess a sales team’s potential, provide tools for improved performance and develop managers that can lead these newly invigorated organizations.

We specialize in giving senior leadership the power to raise expectations and hold people accountable for performing at the higher levels. Sales success doen’t need to be a mystery or crap shoot any longer. With our involvement, organizations can build over-achieving sales forces by selecting better candidates, managing more consistently and building sales systems that can compete and win in any industry or market environment.


Staff / Management / Professional Services Firms / Healthcare and Non-selling Environments

Growth Dynamics has transferred the knowledge of human dynamics gained from working in the sales world to other environments that require many of the same personal skills. At the forefront are precise communication, behavioral tendencies, accountability, goal setting, meeting management, self responsibilty and time management.  


The faces and voices of Growth Dynamics are:

Charlie Hauck

Fred Liesong

Patricia Alderdice

Offices in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, PA
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