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Can you believe a company cannot fill job openings?

This article in the Pittsburgh Business Journal caught my eye this morning:

I guarantee you 95 out of 100 people I ask would tell me there are no jobs out there. Yet this article relates two companies who cannot find qualified talent. I especially liked this comment: “Many candidates’ resumes they’ve received, however, have been job-searching for months and seem to be more interested in getting a paycheck than being a fit with the company.”

When in our upbringing did we get the message ‘the world owes us a living’? I talk to many folks in their 20’s and 30’s who have not yet figured this out, and people in their 40’s and up who still don’t get it either. Perhaps this recession is just what the doctor ordered for our country? It is not outsourcing, illegal immigrants, government bailouts, the Internet, or any other excuse you want to make for not being able to find work. It is the fact that somewhere along the way, our skills did not keep up with what the marketplace is willing to pay for. Go find a marketplace problem and commit to helping to solve it. Someone will pay you to do that!

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