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It’s all about attitude

As I spend my day in the office talking to clients supporting their efforts, one thing separates the tone of the conversations we share. That essential element is the right attitude that allows those that want success to see opportunities for success. We can’t deny the econimic challenges we all face, or disavow the truth about people losing jobs, homes and even hope, but we do have a choice to behave with an attitude that allows us to believe there is business to be won and money to be made. So kill all the permission to fail behaviors. Stop all the whining about no one will pay anything but the lowest price, forget having nothing to do or no one talk to, just commit to doing something positive when it feels like the whole world is negative. You must own your attitude and protect with all the energy you’ve got. Find others that believe that these times aren’t bad, but instead just a different challenge that demands different solutions and increased commitments. Some one is going to have to buy something from somewhere. Go make sure you can say you’ve done all you can to be that somewhere. Good selling!

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  1. Mike Shannon
    04/14/2009 at 10:15 AM

    Is the glass half full or half empty? How much of life is about attitiude? After all, there are only two things you can control: attitude and action.
    There is positive economic news out there, you just have to look for it. I read this morning that “Home sales picked up 102 percent in Las Vegas” in an article about a mortgage broker Albuquerque-based Frost Mortgage Banking Group. They are expanding from 13 states with plans to be in 30 states by the end of the year. Now this is a business person who is looking not how sales compare to last year, but what has happened in the last month and what is the trend? He knows that others have not survived, and that represents an opportunity for his company.
    What about your world? Are your competitors teetering on the brink? Why not hit them with a knock-out punch? No one can guarantee your success, but there is a guaranteed outcome if you sit around complaining and doing nothing. You will soon be one of the negative statistics the press loves to write about!

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